I’m Elisabete, welcome to my blog

I’ve always done sewing as a hobby. I learn to sew crochet and knit with my mum. Growing up, my first clients were my friend’s dolls and later in college I managed to pay some expenses doing customized clothes for friends, but I’ve never taken this as a main source of income and it still isn’t.


English is not my mother language so you’ll find a lot of mistakes (sorry). I’m Portuguese, but I would love to reach to people around the world and English has become like an international language. So be kind.

I love clothes and fashion and I try to follow the runway shows online as I can for inspiration, I also follow some street style blogs that I love and think that are references to me when it comes to a unique personal style.

If you’re too skinny, too curvy, too short or too tall to match the standard, you will relate to my frustration when it comes to shop for clothes. More and more women feel this way and just don’t fit in the standard sizes. How many different sizes of a garment do you take to the fitting room? Well… some… When I get home with new clothes I never get to use them right away. Always have to cut… unstitch… stich again… need to tighten the waist, cut the sleeves, make it shorter. All this makes me wanna sew my own clothes, it’s simpler and more fun.

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, to share some style tips that I learned and my adventures in sewing, so please feel free to leave a comment I’ll be very happy and hope you get to feel part of this experience.

Thank you for visiting Moda Aparentemente “About” page.



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