Vibrant dress for Autumn

Those of you that follow my Facebook or my Instagram already saw this beautiful and colourful fabric I found at the fabric store. I brought it for myself, supposed I might do a top or tunic with it, but then I decided to do a new dress for M, she’s kind of short on dresses this fall.


This fabric was very slippery and it took me some more time to do this project than I would have thought initially.  I used the pattern from Burda that I use to make tunics and blouses for M, but made it longer so it would be a dress (but I think their graphics also have the dress option). Had to add a navy-blue taffeta lining because the fabric is very thin and transparent.

She loved the new dress. Here are some photos to show you how she looked. I took tones of pictures but she kept jumping around and these are the ones I could use

😀 😀 😀

It’s so nice the seventies vibe of this dress, right?

 Take care



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