To make something new

 No true fashion lover ever likes seeing clothes go to waste.

I enjoy recycling my “old” clothes and make something new out of them. Specially nowadays, every year thousands of tonnes of textiles are thrown away with household waste ending up in landfills. I do believe our clothes deserve better, they can be reused or recycled to something new.

I am a big fan of A pair & a spair for me this website is an inspiration for all things creative, I been following them for years. Recently they posted a tutorial explaining how to make a beautiful and chic top from a man shirt, you can see it here.

The top is very easy to make and they explain it so well, but I just added a little detail of my one, a little ruffle on each shoulder. This adds a more feminine look to it when you look from the front.


I think it turn out ok, what about you?

Let me know in the comments

Take care



12 thoughts on “To make something new

  1. I can’t wait to get confident enough to chop something I like up into pieces to make it into something I love! Great suggestions for inspiration – I’ve pinned A pair and Spare for a moment when I have a cup of tea to hand!


  2. I love this! Re-purposing clothes is a fun way to make use of boring pieces, especially if they’re made out of good material like a nice fabric or color or print.

    The ribbon ties make this especially charming!


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