Too sweet to be scary

The all month of October I’ve been asking M what costume she wanted to wear for Halloween and she kept saying she didn’t wanted to wear a costume this year. And because she was not allowed to wear it for school like she used to when she was in kindergarten, I didn’t insist for her to pick one costume.  But on the last day before leaving to school she changed up her mind, she wanted to be a vampire… so…this was what I could do for her lastminute costume decision.

This pictures where taken the next day with no make-up and no wig (in which she looked amazing). She was wearing the dress at home and didn’t wanted to change when we left for a walk. She had a long black hair wig to go with the dress, it was from the a previous Halloween but she used it again this year.

5-img-5  5-img-2  5-img-6

I used fabrics that I had at home, fortunately one of those was a black velvet jersey which is perfect for a vampire. I didn’t have much time to do it so it was some details that could have been done better, but she was happy with it.

This is the only 6 years old girl I know that doesn’t like pink or purple, I promise I had nothing to do with that, she never saw me in my twenties LOL, she says her favourite colours are black and blue!!!

Kids at Halloween… too sweet to be scary, right?

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Take care


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