Ruffles… ruffles everywhere

I have been seeing ruffles on clothes for quite some time now, they been here through the summer in blouses and dresses. And, for what I’m seeing in the SS17 shows they’ll be one of the tendencies during next spring.


I felt in love with this vest from Viktor & Rolf (Fall 2016, Couture) you can see here, and think it’s a very cool idea and easy to make to sew tulle ruffles in old denim jackets.

You can also take a scarf that you no longer use and cut it in 4 long strips, then make the application of these strips on a coat creating large ruffles from the shoulders to the waist line.

Inspired by the Viktor & Rolf denim vest that I loved, I made this long dark denim vest. In the before picture you can see buttons that I didn’t use because I thought it looked better without them.

What about it? I know the Viktor & Rolf is pretty cool…

Let me know what yoy think about it in the comments
Take care



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