Standard size fits none

It’s really boring for me to shop for clothes. I love clothes and fashion but it’s frustrating to have to go to fitting rooms. I think that more and more women feel this way and just don’t fit in the standard sizes.

If you’re too skinny, too curvy, too short or too tall to match the standard, you will never find a dress that fits. We are all unique, and sometimes the standard size fits none. Should the body fit the dress or the dress be made to fit the body? How come, we get out of the shop thinking nothings fits us? We are not the problem. I think more people are left out than included in these standard measurements.

We all have to deal with expectations and are daily scrutinized for what we wear. So when we can’t find clothes that we like and fit, it can be a little frustrating.

While we wait for a very desired retail revolution, here are a few tips that can helps us look good

. know your measurements not your size; sizes change from brand to brand and don’t match real people.

. again, don’t worry about the size on the label, the clothes should look good on you and you must feel comfortable in it.

. Try everything on or inevitably you’ll buy something that doesn’t fit.

. make your clothes fit better by Investing in high-quality underwear.

. Studies have shown that women tend to buy clothes labelled with smaller sizes because it lifts our confidence, but when in doubt buy the larger size. It is easier to take it to a tailor/seamstress and have it adjusted.

. If you’re like me and many of your clothes need to be adjusted, try to learn how to do it by your own. I suggest you wash the piece of clothing before you do the changes because many tissues tend to shrink after the 1st wash.

. when shopping online, make sure you can return the item if you do not like it or does not fit. The main reason for returns when shopping online is sizing issues, and companies spend millions covering the free return costs. That should make them think, right?


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